Thursday, 22 July 2010

Seven's & Twelves..

We are hoping to raise funding for our gallery, Ground Floor Left. As well as of course, making your own pockets jangle with shrapnel.

• Sevens & Twelves is a night of art and music. And takes inspiration from our old friend, the vinyl record. Therefore, all artwork must be based on the record and/or its measurements of, 7”x 7” or 12”x12”. However, be as free and creative with these measurements as you wish. Surprise us!

• All sales made get split 50/50 between you the artist and Ground Floor Left

• Remember that this is The BUDGET Art Auction, so only submit work that you are willing to be sold for a few quid. Bidding starts at £1 on every piece of work. Last year we had sales ranging from £5 to £100.

• All mediums welcome. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, designer, film maker, performance artist, writer or even musician. We’re sure you can come up with something relevant to the theme. The more eclectic a show the better! (Please let us know if you require any specific equipment. Such as projectors, plinths etc.)

• We encourage all submitting artists to bring as many people/potential bidders along on the night as possible. The more bidders, the higher the winning bid, the bigger your slice of the pie!

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