Thursday, 22 July 2010

Seven's & Twelves..

We are hoping to raise funding for our gallery, Ground Floor Left. As well as of course, making your own pockets jangle with shrapnel.

• Sevens & Twelves is a night of art and music. And takes inspiration from our old friend, the vinyl record. Therefore, all artwork must be based on the record and/or its measurements of, 7”x 7” or 12”x12”. However, be as free and creative with these measurements as you wish. Surprise us!

• All sales made get split 50/50 between you the artist and Ground Floor Left

• Remember that this is The BUDGET Art Auction, so only submit work that you are willing to be sold for a few quid. Bidding starts at £1 on every piece of work. Last year we had sales ranging from £5 to £100.

• All mediums welcome. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, designer, film maker, performance artist, writer or even musician. We’re sure you can come up with something relevant to the theme. The more eclectic a show the better! (Please let us know if you require any specific equipment. Such as projectors, plinths etc.)

• We encourage all submitting artists to bring as many people/potential bidders along on the night as possible. The more bidders, the higher the winning bid, the bigger your slice of the pie!

Home sweet Home..

Ground Floor Left is a new gallery located in the arse of the East London Art community. Comfortably situated between the ripe bosoms of London Fields and Victoria Park and only a stones through away from Vyner Street, this versatile space is ideal for an array of purposes. The gallery, previously an unloved old textiles factory is currently ran by artists whom have specifically designed and re-built the space for the purpose of exhibiting work while still managing to maintain the true character and nature of the building. We are aiming to give a messy birth to at least one show a month but also will be inviting in resident artists to work and show within the space. We are planing to host an array of events from film-screenings, spoken word/open mic, performance nights and much more.

Comic Books & Sanding..

A year younger..

A version of my FMP for Fedrigoni Exhibition...and most of the collages...